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The end of the 30th anniversary show - The Nutcracker has sadly arrived. Months of spending time in studio, many rehearsals till late, trips to the dressmaker, surrounded with friends, hours upon hours in the theatre - all have become lovely, joyful memories which will be treasured for some time to come. Special thanks to the dressmakers: Delina Abdilla and Simona Mamo for such beautiful costumes, Annalise and last but not least to our teacher, Ms Ingrid for her hard work, dedication and for exposing the students to such wonderful and exhilarating experiences. Until the next one!
What a great amazing show. The students from tiny to adult were so beautiful and precise. The colours, the gorgeous costumes and the absolutely beautiful choreography just impressed us from start to finish. What an accomplishment. You are definitely a lovely, sweet and fantastic teacher. So proud that Ella is a student in your school. Words said by everyone, an excellent Nutcracker show. Prosit... And we felt very privileged to come down to front row. Thank you. Now enjoy your very well deserved rest! Great weekend. You have so much to be proud of. Brava Angie.
Big well done and thanks for the opportunity! Dance Academy you rocked the MCC!
Well done Ms Ingrid and all those who have contributed to this show. It was an amazing show. Well done!

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