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Faculty at the Dance Academy

The Dance Academy is curated by:

Ingrid Desira Buttigieg MA, B. Phil (Hons), RAD. T. Dip.

Upon completion of her dance studies at the Lilian Attard Ballet Studio, Ingrid chose to follow a career in teaching. To further her studies and experience she took up a two year teaching position in Ayr, Scotland under the direction of an RAD examiner, Miss Karen Cage.

In 1984 she was the first Maltese student to undertake the Royal Academy of Dance new teaching qualifications. The training included pedagogy, anatomy, history of dance, music and psychology. In 1988, Ingrid completed her Teaching Certificate specializing in the teaching of children and was awarded the Teaching Diploma by the Royal Academy of Dance. In June 2001 she completed a B.Phil (Hons) in Ballet and Contextual Studies from the University of Durham, England, the only Maltese to hold this degree. In May 2010, Ingrid was awarded her MA in Choreography from the University of Fontys, Fontys Dance Academy, the Netherlands. Her dissertation was awarded a distinction and dealt with the development of classical ballet in Malta from 1964 to 2004.

Ingrid has mentored students for the various RAD teaching courses, leading towards their teaching certificates and diplomas.

Valerie Borg Costanzi - RSA Fitness Instructor

Valerie started teaching aerobics in June 1997. In view of the fact that class members cover a wide range of ages (from sixteen to seventy years old), fitness levels and sizes, variations and alternative patterns to exercise is of immense importance. In fact, classes differ from day to day. Having a choice of low impact classes, high impact classes, body conditioning, circuit classes, kick-boxing aerobic classes, boot camp classes and freestyle fitness yoga/Pilates, to keep the class fresh and interesting, different equipment such as bands, weights and paper plates is used. This adds further diversity to the work and keeps up the motivation.

In 2004, Valerie attended a training course in Freestyle Fitness Yoga/Pilates in Birmingham. The addition of Freestyle Fitness Yoga/Pilates has certainly enhanced the timetable. Members are learning to know their bodies and understand what they are doing in a much better way.

In addition to this, Valerie is in continuous contact with foreign professional instructors to keep her up to date with the latest developments.