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About the Dance Academy

The Dance Academy, established since October 1988 aims to provide students with a professional dance curriculum exposing them to well structured training programmes in the various dance disciplines. Students are encouraged to develop their dance skills and performance qualities to the maximum.

Students in classical ballet, girls and boys, can enroll as of the age of three years. The school follows the Royal Academy of Dance London Syllabus as well as the Cecchetti Syllabus. These are structured around the physical and motor abilities of the students.

At the tender age of three, classes are structured with a 'recreational' focus. Here the importance of 'fun' and 'imagination' are the essential elements of the class. From the age of six, students begin to follow the well structured graded syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance. Throughout the graded syllabus students are introduced to 'Free Movement' and 'Character.'

Students progress gradually into the vocational grades. These grades are for students who aspire to peruse a career in dance as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, or notator. The Cecchetti method in classical ballet is also offered at vocational graded levels.

The suggested age for commencing modern dance is six years. Students progress through the well devised grades and vocational grades of the Imperial Society of Teachers. As students progress through the different levels they acquire various skills. They learn correct posture and technique, and also appreciate varying musical styles and their interpretation, as well as foster a great sense of enjoyment and fun.

The recommended age for commencing Spanish is eight years. Students are introduced to castanet playing, clear distinctive footwork, and graceful flowing arm movements in a carefully devised syllabus by the Spanish Society.

Three year Teacher Training Courses are held in conjunction with the established dance Societies.

The objective of the Dance Academy

The main objective of the school is to nurture versatile dancers in a caring, dedicated and safe environment. Students are prepared for examinations in all disciplines taught at the school. Foreign examiners conduct annual examinations in all disciplines.

The Dance Academy's firm belief that 'Dancing is fun' and 'healthy' is greatly witnessed by the variety of disciplines taught in the school for all ages. The 'fun' component is instrumental in nurturing in the students a passion for dance. The professional staff play a vital role in fostering the 'fun' element in their instruction. This cultivates in the student an appreciation of dance, in its many forms, and its performance. It also encourages the student to develop poise and self confidence as well as developing an awareness of fitness, - the 'healthy' aspect of dance.

To further the students' development, foreign guest artists are invited annually to conduct workshops and courses in all disciplines.

Dance Academy

Dance Academy